So, 33 years ago I met this wonderful man while serving as a member of a rescue squad. Eighteen months later, we were married and have been for 32 wonderful years. We have an adult daughter who is currently working on her MBA and we couldn’t be prouder.

I, Melissa Stevenson, started Sense of Family because I want to connect with people on the level of the family.  Whether it’s cooking, holidays, DIY, etc. I want to try and help families connect – get back to the basics – family! We have a great life full of ups and downs (just like everyone else). We work hard but always find time for each other as well as our family.  We have 3 rescue dogs who are like our children – and they know it.

We have undergone a lot of changes this past year.  My husband suffered a stroke and has recently retired after spending 40+ years in the Emergency Services (Police, Fire, and Rescue). Now that is a change we are all trying to get used to.

This blog is going to give us a chance to travel (when I can take time off since I still work full-time) and blog together. I hope that you all enjoy the information that I share with you and if there is anything that you would like more information on, just send me a message.

Happy travels.